@Support4You, we support those who are furthest from the labour market and who often have one or more significant barriers to employment. These include but are not limited to:

  • disability 

  • mental health issues

  • low education attainment

  • homelessness

  • care leavers

  • carers

  • a criminal record

  • low aspirations


Without first tackling these barriers means individuals do not pass the necessary milestones and often fail or fall from the labour market, formal training courses or employability schemes.


Through support, training and nurturing individuals facing these barriers, we hope to establish a positive and productive future with them, making a good and sustained progress into employment. Especially in these difficult and unpredictable times.  


Our staff have worked with local employers and Jobcentre Plus offices to assist with the transition from benefits into part-time and fulltime employment, apprenticeship schemes, self-employment and various training programs.


They have been able to assist with the New Self-employment Income Support Scheme and are fully aware of the current labour market trends during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.


From the beginning, Benefits & Employment Support Team (Support4You) has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged community members. We are a growing Benefits & Employment Q&A Community, focused on providing a source of accurate and reliable answers to questions in a variety of topics.


To get a sense of who we really are, take a look at the categories we cover.


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