@Support4you we assist with the sometimes daunting and challenging task of completing welfare benefit applications and appeal paperwork. This can be especially intimidating for those with limited digital skills or even those who have never had to make a welfare benefit claim and are now having to do so because of the current health alert. In addition, should there be a problem with a benefit claim and the claimant needs to attend a HMCTS hearing, we will be able to assist with the preparation of case papers and give an insight into the Mandatory Reconsideration and the tribunal process. Our staff have many years’ experience working in this field with a high percentage of positive outcomes.


We pride ourselves in using plain English and will explain any jargon that can be confusing to those making a claim or in need of guidance. Our staff are kept up to date with the latest changes in welfare benefit legislation.

Contact our Support Team for more information.

T: 07541 488 026

E: hello@support4you.org